Active Vacation in Spain

Currently, Spain’s tourism serves as the largest industry in the world, primarily because an active vacation in Spain is unprecedented. Notably, Spain’s diverse culture consistently attracts tourists worldwide who are eager to experience the country’s beauty. Furthermore, individuals who embark to this country for an active vacation in Spain can expect to indulge in lush meadows, picturesque beaches, and remarkable valleys.

Engage in Adventure and Family Tours

Experience an active vacation in Spain by embarking on an adventure or family tour. These highly recommended structured yet stimulating tours are often comprised of memorable, sightseeing activities such as riding hot air balloons, hiking the Pyrenees Mountains, sailing the Mediterranean Sea, or biking around Barcelona. Morning, afternoon, or full-day tours are offered in all major cities in Spain, including Barcelona, Toledo, Madrid, and Seville, ultimately guaranteeing a remarkable Spaniard vacation.

Discover Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor is definitely Madrid’s preeminent square as picturesque historical buildings, delectable café, and scrumptious restaurants surround the landmark on all four sides. In addition, a tourist office is available providing information regarding the bronze statue of King Philip III nicely serving as a noteworthy centerpiece. Essentially, tourists and locals alike enjoy the practicality of the square as well as the distinguishing, uniform architecture, all of which contribute to an extremely desirable, active vacation in Spain.

Experience Local Village Life

Complete the exotic active vacation in Spain by relaxing in an Andalucian local village known to the locals as Frigiliana. Notably, a cluster of immaculate whitewashed houses juxtaposed with beautiful courtyards encompassing geranium and violets truly capture the village’s serene ambience. Unlike Nerja, Frigiliana is an ideal location for a quiet retreat and locals recommend tourists visit toward the end of August when the popular Three Cultures Festival proudly celebrates the village’s history.