Affordable Engagement Rings for Women

There is no doubt that weddings are expensive. However in order to keep costs within your budget, consider buying affordable wedding jewelry. There are affordable engagement rings for women that do not sacrifice style and beauty nor do they drain the whole wedding budget.

Diamond Quality and Size

Affordable engagement rings for women begin with the quality of the diamond. The better the quality of diamond the more expensive the ring will be. This does not mean you will need to sacrifice the beauty, it means you need to be an educated shopper. Size also plays a part in finding affordable engagement rings for women. The larger the diamond, the more expensive the ring will be. VS, SI, and I clarity diamonds are considered the less expensive quality diamond. I clarity diamonds are the cheapest diamonds for an engagement ring.

Metal Choice

Metal choices also matter when picking out affordable engagement rings for women. What is going to be deciding factor is what metals the woman wears most of the time. Does she wear yellow or white? If she wears white, consider a white gold setting or even silver makes for a pretty setting. Platinum and titanium are on the high end of the price scale. If yellow gold is her choice, than consider a lower karat weight.

Your Jeweler

One of the most important factors in finding affordable engagement rings for women is know your jewelry. Get recommendations from friends and take time to look online. Skip the large chain stores. You will get more for your money elsewhere. Find a jeweler that will guarantee the ring and will do exchanges if necessary. Also look into their repair and ring policy. Unexpected repairs can be costly. With research, you will find an affordable ring she will absolutely love.