Africa Photo Safari

Africa Photo Safari: Learn From a Master

You’ve probably arrived here because of a keen interest in wildlife photography, travel photography, or Africa. No matter what led you to this site, you have come to the right place to take your personal or professional photography to the next level. Under the expert guidance of an award-winning photographer, you can experience Africa through your own lens on one of his Africa photo safari tours.

Who Should Take an Africa Photo Safari Tour?

Photographers have been leading safari photo tours throughout East Africa for over a decade. The only requirement for joining a tour is a passion for wildlife and animal photography. If your photography practice is still in the dream stage, or if you’re a professional hoping to publish better pictures, your tour will be customized to your particular needs and stage of development. You will have as much guidance or autonomy as you require from a master in safari photography. You’ll learn the best ways to position yourself, and to masterfully use light to shoot the best photos possible.

Which Africa Photo Safari is Right for You?

There are several kinds of safari trips available to you. You can choose from niche tours like photographing the big cats of the Masai Mara or the birds of prey. Maybe you’d like to hunt the big five – lion, elephant, leopard, rhino, and Cape buffalo – with a camera, of course! Here you can choose your own niche, or experiment with all types of wildlife photography. There is an Africa photo safari to suit every photographer at any level.

How to Prepare for Wildlife/Safari Photography

It can be challenging to pare your gear and personal belongings down to the 33- pound limit on photography trips within Africa. One way to meet the challenge is by purchasing a photography vest that can accommodate much of what you carry in your bag. You may feel a little awkward bulging out from all sides, but the goal is to bring all the essentials you’ll need, and anything you carry on your body doesn’t count in baggage weight requirements. Photographers have a list of suggested equipment that is the minimum you should bring for maximum photo opportunities on your Africa photo safari.