Beautiful Masada Israel

Masada Israel is a very interesting and the most touristic place in Israel. It actually has a rich history that consists of 1st century Jewish Roman historian Josephus. You can greatly see the Roman influence at Herod’s palace as he captured the area in first century BCE.

There is a very interesting archaeology of the beautiful Masada Israel you can see such as the ritual baths. It’s definitely a testament to the old times and Mikve is a sacred place. It was a known as a place for not only cleansing but ritual immersion. It would purify the body while the river was flowing. It’s even used for today’s Jewish women after menstruation and childbirth.

Masada Israel is not only known for the cultural and historical aspects. There are great attractions like the Dead Sea, which is a beautiful sea that people love to dip in. You can take a hike at Ein Gedi Nature Reserve. Catch some good rays and there are hotels that have excellent spas and it’s very relaxing to the tourists. It’s a very special place with great cosmetics that cure ailments and heal the skin due to the natural resources nearby. This is why mud spa is such a great and fun activity on Mineral Beach.

Once you are done with relaxing, take a trip through old Jerusalem as you gaze in the sun and travel by camel. You can actually book a tour with your hotel or separate companies to do a full day in Masada Israel, Old Jerusalem, and end your day at the Dead Sea. It’s a perfect way to get all of your history, your adventure, and relaxation all in one.

Explore the ancient and modern aspects of Masada Israel and you’ll leave with a well rounded experience.