Bedouin tent israel

The Many Attractions of Israel

The Negev desert in Israel takes up a large region and is extremely beautiful. This desert is a popular tourist attraction in Israel, and if you visit the country, it is a must see. There are tours and guides taking place many times a year. What makes this desert a one of a kind is the special look to all the scenery.

Another famous attraction is the Dead Sea, as well as the fortress of Masada, located towards the east of Negev. It will never get boring visiting the Negev Desert, with all the popular attractions and historical sites. Walking the grounds of this desert will put you in touch with centuries and centuries of history, making one appreciate the gravity of the area.

Other Attractions of Israel
If you would ask someone what to do next, most likely they would suggest visiting the Old City of Jerusalem. The events that took place in this single city would surprise just about anyone, and it is a place that deserves much respect. Feel like getting in touch with the Bedouin culture? Then try staying in a Bedouin tent Israel. After a full day of playing the tourism, spending a night in Bedouin tent Israel looking up at the beautiful star-filled sky, is the perfect thing to do. These camps offer visitors to participate in safari tours, camel rides, and much more.

Are you good at bargaining? Then the Carmel market in Tel Aviv is right for you. There are hundreds of people, from all around, browsing the market with all its distractions. Entertain yourself by listening to vendors try to get you to buy their products, since they believe, with full confidence, that theirs is the best in the market. The market is a lively and entertaining place to visit.