Birds Photography Tour

The birds photography tour is an extraordinary adventure for both beginners and experienced photographers who want to learn more about wildlife photography, specifically birds of prey. The workshop includes both portraiture and flight shots of a wide variety of wild birds of prey. The birds photography tour, like all our wildlife photography tours, is designed for the best possible comfort and learning experience. Group size is kept small to allow for one-on-one training time. We offer a high level of hands-on support to help you capture stunning images of wild birds.

Location of the Workshop

The birds photography tour takes place in the beautiful European country of Georgia, which boasts spectacular scenery and an unparalleled variety of birds, including peregrine falcons, golden eagles, barn owls and more. See our Bird Photo Galleries here for examples of the kinds of birds you are likely to encounter.

Itinerary of the Workshop

We try to keep the schedule somewhat spontaneous, to ensure all participants get the most out of the workshop. Generally, the workshop will last between three and five days. We will start by examining some portraits of wild birds and using those to instruct the group on the fundamentals of exposure, camera settings and composition. Out in the field, we will be able to get close enough to the birds to get amazing eye-level shots with natural backgrounds. If conditions allow, we will take photographs of the birds in flight, which is usually the peak experience of the birds photography tour. At the end of each day, we will review what we have accomplished and discuss fundamentals of image processing, Photoshop and more. You will come away from the workshop with an experience to remember and stunning images to be proud of.

Wildlife Photography Workshops

If you would like to explore beyond the birds photography tour, we also offer a Georgia workshop and several wildlife photography tours in Kenya, including the Kenya predators tour, the big cats tour and the great migration tour.