Citrine Engagement Ring

A Citrine engagement ring is an exceptional piece of jewelry that many women like to receive from their fiancés for their marriage proposal. It is extremely fashionable, and women receive many compliments on the way it looks from their friends and family.

Sizing a Citrine Engagement Ring

When couple pick out a Citrine engagement ring, it is important that the correct size be ordered. Usually the woman will accompany the man when he is purchasing the Citrine engagement ring so her finger can be sized correctly. If he comes alone to purchase the Citrine engagement ring, he should be sure of her ring size before he makes a purchase.

Other Engagement Rings

Women also choose from a variety of other types of engagement rings. They come in several different styles, shapes and stones. It is usually the practice for the woman to describe what she is looking for. She will have her own tastes when it comes to her engagement ring, so the man should make sure he knows what it is she would like to receive.

Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone jewelry has become more popular because of its versatility. This type of jewelry comes in rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. It can be worn at all times, for business and pleasure. Many women like to have several pieces in their jewelry boxes to wear with any outfit that they have.

Caring For Jewelry

A woman should make sure that she stores her jewelry in a good jewelry box. Many women also like to wrap their good pieces in soft cloth before placing it in the box. This will keep the pieces from getting scratched, and the will stay in good condition.

Jewelry makes excellent gifts for women all throughout the year. She will love a piece of great jewelry for her birthday or on holidays.