Day Trips in Israel

Given all of the exciting things to see in the country, it should not be hard for travelers to find great day trips in Israel. If they book through the right company, they can get their own unique day trips in Israel that they will remember forever. You can customize your trip to cater towards specific historic or religious sites, whichever may interest you most. There are a few tips to keep in mind while you are booking these day trips in Israel.

Find a Tour Guide

You should first plan whether you want to get a tour guide for your trip. This could prove to be helpful for many people, since Israel does have its own unique culture and heritage. While you are on these day trips in Israel, your guide can walk you through the meaning of different sites that you encounter. This could provide you with new insight and give you an all-new perspective on places that you visit.

Set Up Tours within Jerusalem

Do not forget to include seeing Jerusalem on your short list of day trips in Israel. This city has so many sights to see, that it may be hard to pack in to just one day. You can head out to see the Dome of the Rock or the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. All of these sites can be packed in to your day trips in Israel if you plan carefully. It could prove to be helpful to look through a travel website that displays some of these kinds of trips.

Tour the Countryside

Many travelers will also want to head out on pilgrimages to sacred locations around the country. Some of these spots could make excellent day trips in Israel, but you will need to plan accordingly. Check out the Dead Sea or the Sea of Galilee, which hold special importance in biblical history.