Dead Sea Mud

Dead Sea mud, also referred to as black mud, has amazing healing and rejuvenating properties when used on skin and hair. Dead Sea mud products are made using the components of the waters that they are named for.

Healing from the Dead Sea

Located off the coast of Jordan and Israel, the Dead Sea has been known for its healing properties for centuries. The waters contain higher levels of minerals, such as magnesium and phosphorous, and salt. The black mud of this body of water can be used as a facial mask to treat or prevent many problems. Residents of neighboring countries use the Dead Sea as a bathing ground for healing.

Benefits of Using Dead Sea Mud

The use of Dead Sea mud as a beauty product can lead to decreased acne, and it has an antibacterial action against the bacteria that causes acne. When Dead Sea products are used, the skin is left smooth and tight, and wrinkles become less noticeable and less intrusive. The minerals found in the waters of the Dead Sea help to regenerate skin cells, and they are also involved in removing toxins and metabolic wastes from the body. Dandruff is fought against with these products as well, particularly those that are designed for use on the hair or scalp.

Dead Sea Mud Products

There are a number of products available from the Dead Sea. Creams and lotions are made from the black mud and the minerals of the Dead Sea, and peeling facial masks can achieve the same silky smoothness that these creams bring to the body. There is soap made from this mineral mud. Skin products are not the only ones made from Dead Sea mud; shampoos and hair masks can also be purchased for thick, rich, and healthy hair.