Dead Sea Products

The Healing Sea

The healing properties of the Dead Sea have been renowned for thousands of years. Kings and queens from biblical times bathed there for its relaxing and therapeutic qualities. The overall climate and highest concentration of salt and essential minerals on earth, found in the Sea, combine to create a fountain of youth. Since the majority of people do not live near the Sea, however, there are a variety of Dead Sea products that bring its healing properties into your home.

Healing properties of the Dead Sea

Direct contact with the waters, mud, and climate of the Dead Sea is known to cure or improve skin conditions such as psoriasis, relieve pain and respiratory diseases, and improve mental disorders such as depression. The mineral-rich water and clay draws out toxins, exfoliates the skin, helps the body heal, and reduces wrinkles. The rich sedimentary clay, or black mud, found on the shoreline was formed over thousands of years and contains antibacterial and therapeutic properties, including aiding in the treatment of rheumatism and paralysis, stimulating blood circulation, and maintaining healthy skin. It also contains estrogen and effectively treats gynecological diseases.

Dead Sea products

The miraculous properties of the Dead Sea can be experienced anywhere through a plethora of natural, mineral-rich Dead Sea products which target every area of the body. There is even a unique line of treatments that combine the mineral features of rare black diamonds with Dead Sea minerals, to create the perfect combination. Dead Sea products are valued presents, and gift packs are available for your convenience.

Though barren, the Dead Sea imbues life to all who come in contact with it, and Dead Sea products capture the soothing and healing qualities of this natural wonder.