Enhanced Diamond Engagement Rings

Enhanced diamond engagement rings offer fantastic quality at a lesser price than non enhanced diamond engagement rings. Both of these diamonds are natural mined gemstones. The difference is enhanced diamonds undergo treatments for flaws that improve their clarity and color. The two types of enhancements for clarity are laser drilling and fracture filling. Laser drilling uses microscopic lasers to remove carbon particles and other dark spots from the diamond. Fracture filling removes white defects and fills in microscopic feathered fractures within the diamond and fills them in with specially formulated glass or crystal that refracts light just like a flawless diamond does.

Since they are naturally made, about 99.9% of mined diamonds have flaws. Some of these flaws become noticeable after the diamond is cut and polished. The diamond itself is still a sound and stable gemstone. The flaws lessen its clarity and/or color, therefore reducing its appeal. This is fixed with enhancements that aren’t detectable by most people but are to gemologists, who thoroughly evaluate the diamond. The advantage of choosing enhanced diamond engagement rings is twofold: low-cost and size. Spending $10,500 on a natural diamond will buy you a 1.5 carat stone. Spending that same $10,500 on an enhanced diamond will buy you a 2.35 carat stone. Both stones in this comparison have the same color and clarity. Bigger stones have a bigger wow factor, making them ideal choices for enhanced diamond engagement rings.

Color irradiation is another enhancement natural diamonds undergo to improve their color. If they are too yellow or brown, they undergo this process to become a vivid blue, yellow, or pink colored diamond. This further improves the selections available for enhanced diamond engagement rings. Whatever type of enhanced diamond engagement rings are bought, the jeweler needs to tell the customer about the enhancements the diamond underwent.