Flat Bread Bakery

Flat Bread Bakery

During early civilization, many people were aware of Pita and Flat bread and its importance. As a matter of fact, it was the only bread they knew and indulged in. Even though, the conventional flat bread bakery was not in existence, our ancestors found ingenious and natural ways of creating this staple food product. The same recipe had survived hundreds of years, while the only difference that exist is the evolution of historic bakeries into technologically advanced ones. The end product and quality of flat bread remains the same. While the main difference with present-day flat bread bakery and the historic one is the ability for the new versions to create a higher output in a shorter period of time.

Flat Bread Bakery and Equipment

Currently, our flat bread bakery has to delicately balance the traditional art of flat and pita bread production with the new aged technology of bakery equipment. As such, current machinery enables the flat bread bakery the opportunity to create an astounding 16,000 automatic pita bread per hour. Simultaneously, in the same period, it is able to also produce 25,000 manual flat bread.

Flat and Pita Bread

Pita and Flat bread are increasing popularity as it was centuries ago. It has been acknowledged that the world we currently live in a technologically advanced and constantly evolving. Consequently, consumers are now realizing that the more companies modify the foods we eat, is the more the average life span in the world decreases. Pita and flat bread is one item on the food chain that facilitates ancient healthy life style.

Flat Bread Oven

This is another example of how it is possible to combine both an ancient way of life and food production with new age machinery. This allows the public to enjoy healthy food that is done efficiently and safely for almost 3/4 of a century. So whether you are looking for a simple Pita bread maker or a complex, fast yet efficient line bread maker, our experience says a lot and the impeccable customer service support is what had kept us in business for decades.