Jerusalem Walking Tours

Given the importance and beauty of this historic city, many travelers make it a point to go on Jerusalem walking tours while they are in Israel. This could be the perfect way to experience some religious sites and understand what life was like throughout its history. There are many excellent Jerusalem walking tours available, so take a look at the options out there. This could inspire you to set up Jerusalem walking tours of your own, which could be a captivating experience.

Archaeological Spots to Tour

Since it has thousands of years of history within its city limits, Jerusalem has long captured the imagination of people passing through. If you want to understand why it has played such a pivotal role in history, you should go on Jerusalem walking tours. You could set up Jerusalem walking tours that will help you explore some of the archaeological sites in the area. The Old City section has thousands of years of history to explore, so you will not be at a loss for items to visit for Jerusalem walking tours.

Religious Pilgrimage Opportunities

Many people will also be interested in taking a religious pilgrimage when they visit Israel. There are great Jerusalem walking tours that will make this a focal point of your experience. Try to find a tour that will guide you through some of the locations that have been important to religions in the past. There are a number of important churches in the area, including Dominus Flevit and Gethsemane.

Experience the New City

Travelers may also want to explore some of the New City that has been building up in Jerusalem over the years. This will represent some of the new culture that is emerging from the city. The Makhane Yehuda market is very popular, since it offers many great shopping opportunities.