Mycoplasma is a species of bacteria that do not have cell wall. The fact that they do not have cell wall makes them not to be affected by majority of the ordinary antibiotics like penicillin or even other types of beta-lactam antibiotics that aim for the synthesis of the cell wall. The Mycoplasma can either be parasitic or even saprotrophic. Some genuses are pathogenic in people, including M.pneumoniae, which is actually a significant source of uncharacteristic pneumonia as well as other respiratory conditions and M.genitalium, which is in fact believed to be associated with pelvic inflammatory health problems. Mycoplasma happened to be the tiniest bacterial cells that are yet to be discovered, are capable of surviving without oxygen and typically have a diameter of about 0.1 micrometers.

Mycoplasma detection and identification

Mycoplasma genus are frequently found in the form of contaminants inside cell cultures, stocks of virus as well as other types of chemicals derived from cells. BaseClear is capable of detecting and identifying these bacteria quickly and reliably by use of validated PCR experiment.

Presence of mycoplasma in cell lines and biotherapeutics

Due to the small size (about 0.15 micrometers) of the mycoplasma and their resistance to ordinary antibiotics like penicillin as well as streptomycin, the contamination of the mycoplasma on cell cultures normally goes unnoticed. Nevertheless, the existence of mycoplasma is able to cause bad effects on the cells inside culture, including alterations in development, morphology, protein synthesis, metabolism as well as replication.

Microbiology service laboratories

Medical apparatus, biopharmaceuticals, biologics as well as pharmaceuticals require being secured so as to enhance the standards of human life through allowing people to perform more, have better feeling and live longer. They need optimal standards control for the period of the development process as per the GMP guidelines and also have to satisfy the regulatory compliance. All these is done in microbiology service laboratories.