Pita Bread Bakery Equipment

Pita Bread Bakery Equipment is Very Important in the Professional Baking Business

One may assume that the making of pita bread can be done using traditional bread making equipment. This is true in part, but different techniques are used and specialized pita bread bakery equipment is used as well. The ingredients used to make pita bread are essentially the same; flour, water, salt, and

First of all, pita bread is baked rather quickly at a very high temperature. Baking the bread in such a manner makes the outside of the bread cook fast, and the water inside the bread dough to turn to steam and form a pocket on the inside of the bread.

While the average individual may not need any special pita bread bakery equipment, on a commercial level pita bread bakery equipment is necessary to produce pita bread in bulk. Some of the specialty pita bread bakery equipment will include:

  • Mixer – Mixing the dough in bulk by hand can be extremely difficult at best. A heavy duty mixer will make the entire process faster and easier.
  • Extruder – While this may sound really fancy, all the extruder does is form the dough into tennis ball sized portions for the baking process.
  • Oven – Baking pita bread requires an oven capable of high temperatures with a fast moving belt to move the pita dough through the high temperature baking quickly.
  • Cutters – After the pita bread is baked, a specialized piece of pita bread bakery equipment known as a slicer will slice the flat bread in order to form the familiar pocket.
  • Packaging – Another piece of pita bread bakery equipment that will be needed is something to package the freshly baked pita bread. Obviously, one needs to decide on one of the several types of packaging available for pita bread.
  • Freezer – One of the final pieces of pita bread bakery equipment needed is a large industrial freezer. A large freezer will enable packages of pita bread to be stored and remain fresh if they are not shipping out immediately.

Baking pita bread is not that dissimilar from making regular bread. Some specialized pita bread baking equipment is required if baking commercially as opposed to baking bread individually at home. Speed and efficiency are of the utmost importance in the pita bread baking business and pita bread bakery equipment can help the process move faster and more efficiently.