poor in Israel

Be the Change to Minimize Poverty in Israel

Nutritional help for poor families

With a recent poverty report of nearly 20% of Israelis living below the poverty line, being poor in Israel is an unfortunate everyday reality of many individuals both youth and old. Over one million citizens are unable to afford the basic necessities which include having food for nourishment or even lights in their homes. Even more heartbreaking, a large number of the poor in Israel are innocent children who have limited food resources that can lead, which can lead to decreased health and malnutrition. Donating a few dollars can make a huge difference to help a family overcome hunger by having a nutritional meal tonight!

Supporting the population directly

Low wages and decreasing employment rates are one of the many factors to individuals being being poor in Israel. Job sectors outside of technology are hard to come by ad if any not having the educational to apply the jobs they do receive have extremely low wages, making it difficult for families to survive on little pay. Every dollar you can donate counts towards equalizing the economic playing field of families who earn substantially lower wages.

Supporting Holocaust Surviors

There are around two hundred thousand elderly Holocaust survivors living in Israel today. While these elderly individuals should be honored as important stables of society for their courage, many are struggling day to day not knowing where their next pay will come from. Having immigrated and not being legally recognized as survivors of the Holocaust many of the elderly are denied the monthly pensions they deserve, which can quickly spiral into issues of financial crisis, as well as not having the proper necessities for a healthy, stress free life. Donations to non-profit organizations can help give voice to these national treasures.