private tours in Barcelona

private tours in Barcelona

Travelers taking private tours in Barcelona are treated to the full splendor of this wondrous city. This premier metropolis in Spain borders the Mediterranean Sea and features a variety of exciting attractions and points of interest. Tourists who visit this city can also learn more about its unique culture and intriguing history.

Notable Attractions

Tourists can book private tours in Barcelona to see the city’s most popular sites. A visit to the Gaudi House gives visitors the opportunity to learn more about the life and creations of renowned Spanish artist Antoni Gaudi. Sagrada Familia, the city’s famous cathedral, is particularly known for its dramatic architecture and tall spires. The Barcelona Cathedral is another impressive site worth visiting. Private tours in Barcelona can also lead visitors to popular museums such as the Barcelona Maritime Museum and the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art.


Visitors taking private tours in Barcelona can also dine at some of the city’s best restaurants. Many of these restaurants offer authentic Catalan cuisine along with dishes from other countries. Some of the city’s best restaurants and cafes are located in the district known as La Rambla. Knowledgeable guides leading private tours in Barcelona can recommend some of the city’s top dining choices.

Best Time to Visit

The warm and pleasant weather conditions occurring between the months of June and September make the summer season the perfect time to visit Barcelona. However, the city also experiences frequently nice weather conditions throughout most other times of the year. The city’s coastal location keeps temperatures from reaching extreme highs.

Visitors who choose to arrange private tours in Barcelona can experience the joy of the city at an easy pace. Experienced tour guides are available to take tourists to the best parts of the city.