Safari Photography Trip

A safari photography trip is a must for those passionate about photography. Being in the wilds of Africa doesn’t mean you will be without modern conveniences. A list of recommended equipment is available. Workshops to teach about the aspects of photographing animals in their native habitats, guarantee a perfect photo. Special events, such as animal migrations, can be coordinated with your safari photography trip. To be able to photograph wild animals, and capture the feel of the moment in one picture, is what makes a safari photography trip so magical.


Kenya offers the best accommodations in terms of a base-camp, chosen strategically with access to wildlife, on a safari photography trip. Tents feature a full bathroom, lighting, and electricity for charging lap-tops and batteries after a day of shooting. Meals are prepared daily, as well as fresh coffee or tea. At the end of a day being out in the safari you will feel very relaxed back in at camp.

African Safari Tour

When on a safari photography trip it is best to have no more than 3 people per vehicle. This optimizes maneuverability of equipment so you can easily snap to your next shot. More vehicles present mean they can alert the other vehicles of an interesting photo opportunity, such as a hunt taking place. An early morning push will yield fantastic photos. At mid-day the animals rest, at this time you will return to camp where you can receive further lessons or just relax. A night shoot follows this break.

A safari photography trip isn’t just for photographers seeking to add to their portfolios. It is a powerful experience and one worth having. Whether you are a master photographer or a novice, you will take something special away from this trip.