the future in diagnostic medicine.

Laboratories’ primary purpose is to diagnose patients or clients using only samples given by the said clients.

Microbiology Tests.
In a hospital setup, Microbiology is a section on itself. In tropical countries, one of the leading causes of death in infective diseases., the causative organisms in these diseases are microbes. The microbes come in different types: Viruses, Bacteria, and Fungi. These microbes are detected in blood, stool, urine, body fluids, e.g., synovial fluids and cerebral spinal fluid. The said microbes are then isolated and identified using various techniques, including microscopy, antigen-antibody detection, culture, molecular techniques, and Sequencing.
lab is passionate about modernizing these techniques better to suit the current market and adaptability to new diseases. Currently, the company leads in various fields such as conventional culturing methods, industrial and research innovations, and advanced clinical methods. Molecular PCR techniques such as RTPCR and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) are also being implemented.
Molecular diagnostics.
The company is well invested in Molecular PCR techniques. In the recent Covid 19 pandemic, they have been very instrumental in diagnosing the deadly Corona Virus. Sequencing is a relatively new concept to the non-laboratory staff. They are an improved version of molecular PCR. Sequencing is mainly used for research purposes or for studying mutations. The data collected from the samples, including their cycle threshold of various samples, is very instrumental in research.
With the advancement in technology and new diseases being discovered every day, lab has managed to stay on top of the radar in diagnostic medicine, giving reliable, trusted, and timely results for both research and clinical purposes.