Walking holidays in Spain

Walking holidays in Spain

Walking holidays in Spain are a great way to relax and unwind. Spain is an interesting location that has tons of history that will leave you wanting more. The great thing about Spain is that it has a near-perfect climate and breath-taking scenery. Whether it is architectural or natural, you will find that Spain is a country that offers a lot.

The Cuisine In Spain

Walking holidays in Spain are a great way to relax and experience new cuisine. There is a lot of great cuisine in Spain. One of the things that you can do is to sample tapas or snacks. These are served at during all hours of the day in the bars. Sherry or tinto (Red wine) is a great choice when it comes to wine. Overall, the major cuisine in Spain would have to be the seafood. If you would like to try some unusual cuisine, then Barcelona is definitely a place to check out.

Places To Visit For Walking Holidays In Spain

Barcelona Cathedral: If you love medieval architecture, then you will love the Barcelona Cathedral, and what it has to offer. The location also has a rich history for people who are history buffs.

Formentera Beach: This place has crystal-clear waters, soft sands and some of the best coastline in the world. Spain has around 5,000 miles of  beaches.

Pyrenees Mountains: The Pyrenees Mountains are a must see for walking holidays in Spain. These mountains offer some of the best climbing and water sports. You can also go for walks and trekking. Kayaking is another fun thing to do in the Pyrenees.

Walking holidays in Spain are guaranteed to be a good time because there is an endless amount of things that people can see in Spain. The history is also rich and the culture is something that is worth experiencing at least once.