Solitaire Engagement Rings

An engagement ring should be as unique as the woman whom it adorns. A vast array of gorgeous solitaire engagement rings are available as well as numerous other non-traditional rings.

Diamond Solitaires

A beautiful diamond ring is the quintessential token of engagement. Diamonds emanate a timeless beauty and can be fashioned into rings of traditional or contemporary style and made into several beautiful shapes. Cut refers to the proportion, symmetry and style of a diamond rather than its shape. The more facets that are cut into a diamond, the more brilliant it appears.

Diamonds are generally formed into a few basic shapes. Gorgeous examples of diamond solitaire engagement rings are found in oval, pear, marquis, heart, round, emerald, heart, princess, asscher and radiant shapes.

The most popular of all diamond solitaire engagement rings is the round brilliant cut. With a cut of 58 facets, the round brilliant radiates a striking fire and brilliance. This type accounts for over 75 percent of diamond solitaire engagement rings.

Non-Traditional Solitaires

Many couples choose to step away from tradition and invest in solitaire engagement rings that do not have a diamond as the focus. Many beautiful gems create a dramatic look when used for solitaire engagement rings. Some gorgeous examples can be chosen from the bride’s birthstone, a favorite color or for any reason.

Emeralds are gorgeous and have a value very near to that of the diamond. It is normally displayed in a traditional rectangle or emerald shape but can be cut into almost any shape that is chosen.

Amethysts also make beautiful engagement rings. They range from a dainty light purple to a deep, more dramatic color. The stone is relatively hard and can be formed into almost any shape that is desired.

Solitaire engagement rings can uniquely express the beauty and style of any bride.